¿ Usos o efectos de la comunicación de masas?. Convergencia y divergencia de la Economía Política, los estudios culturales y los enfoques de los efectos cognitivos

José Carlos Lozano Rendón


Contemporary debates about the effects of the mass media are characterized by sharp contrasts and divergent positions. On the one hand, some theoretical approaches assert that mass communication has effects r consequences (cognitive, attitudinal, conductual, or ideological) in the short, middle or long term. Onthe other hand, some approaches focus on the social or psychological uses of media messages by audiences,and the creative appropriation and negotiation of preferred meanings due to social or cultural mediations.This paper discusses recent developments in the study of media effects from two critical approaches: politicaleconomy of communication and cultural studies, discussing some of their limitations and proposing somegeneral conclusions about the impact of mass media in the audience members.

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