Comunicación Pública de la Ciencia como factor de consolidación democrática

Carlos Alberto Galvis Ortiz, Luis Horacio Botero Montoya


Communication and science, in public policy, should allow society to develop their democraticsystems. In limiting the increasingly democratic systems located in various corners of theworld, science seems to be a matter of strange or gifted beings and some of itss findings havebecome an absolute mystery. The academy (represented in public and private universities)and state institutes and/or private research highly complex subjects and has become a kindof ivory tower to which the ordinary citizen has no access and where scientific results areconsidered as issues uniquely destined for the discussion of an empowered elite. This article,which is a product of research on “Public Communication: a space for the construction ofdemocracy” made by a collective group of researchers in Communication, Organization andPolicy-COP-, attempts to address the importance of public communication, disclosure andsocial appropriation of science as a factor in the consolidation of democracy.

Palabras clave

Communication science; Public communication; Political communication; Democracy; Science

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