Transferencia a la sociedad del conocimiento universitario: Los Science Shop

Diana Cazaux


The transfer of knowledge to society is one of the basic functions of the university. However,this transfer is usually limited to the services provided by the university to business andindustry, especially with regard to applied research. In contrast, other social actors that mayexpose research needs and specific training, such as non-profits that can be picked up bythe university to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in society. To meet the needsof effective knowledge transfer and dissemination of socially relevant research attempt toanswer some universities under the name of Science Shop. This research is intended that theUniversity of Moron can also use this strategy beginning with a Science Shop at the Facultyof Computer Science, Communication Sciences and Special Techniques.

Palabras clave

Knowledge transfer; University; Nom-profits; Science Shop; Public Communication of Science

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