A imagem nas salas de aula. Critica e pesquisa

Paulo Luiz Chrispim


The text aims to discuss the importance of the introduction of visual language knowledge in the basic education, proposing that the knowledge of this language becomes part of the outstanding goals for this teaching phase.It refers to image exploration in order to spread ideologies. Along the analysis, international issues that affect the development of countries such Brazil are debated, prioritising educational issues. In this sense, it poses, in a short and even simplified way, some questions related to the economic, social and political reality presentat contemporary society. Furthermore the importance and need for teachers’ qualification are emphasized discoursing, here and there, on the way and the content, which must be approached for appropriate formation of basic-education teachers in reference to visual language knowledge. It follows debating some problems faced by education sectors nowadays, specially the Brazilian one. The debate present measures which may help toimprove the current Brazilian education picture. The importance of society mobilization to drive forward significant changes in this same society is checked also. Finally, defending the idea that formal education is still a calm and much safer way to implement, measures which may be able to modify the existing status quo is the purpose.

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