Divulgação Científica: Discurso, Mídia e Educação. Controvérsias e Perspectivas

Marcia Reami Pechula, Elizabeth Gonçalves, Graça Caldas


The task of disseminating science is inevitably tied to the media, and lately has gainedsignificant proportions. This situation, however, has generated controversy, specially in theeducational field. The educational use of media resources in the classroom requires extracare of teachers, due to multiple meanings of content as well as eventual errors of existinginformation. Some publications are recognized by universities and research institutes, whileothers generate controversy, given that its legitimacy is not consensual. Thus, this articlediscusses the use of scientific discourse re / constructed by the media discourse in the classroom,unveiling its risks and benefits of the formation of a civic and critical scientific culture.

Palabras clave

Communication; Scientific Disclosure; Speech; Media; Education

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