A comunicação pública da ciência por meio dos selos postais: o caso do Brasil no século XX

Isaltina Maria de A. Mello Gomes, Diego Andres Salcedo


Scientific images are used as a discursive resource to informs, communicate and challengeus. They are also objects that provide the most diverse and different forms of public communicationof science. Thus, this work reveals the diffusion of science through the braziliancommemorative postage stamps issued in twentieth century. In this research, 2354 postagestamps were identified, using both RHM and Scott Catalogs. From this universe, 104 stampsformed our amplified sample, from a proposed categorization of its textual-pictorial elements.Finally, 4 stamps were used as our restricted sample, on which we deepen an interpretativereading. The research enabled us to consider that postages stamps participates, as well asother media, in the diffusion of science, contributes to build scientific cultures and indicatestheoretical and technical criteria towards the statute of postages stamps.

Palabras clave

Discourse; Postage Stamps; Scientific Images; Science Diffusion

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